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  Danish language classes in chennaiTeaching is in general a noble profession needing a high degree of dedication. It is rather a service to the society than a money making career. It takes a special passion for literature for one to impart literary skill to those who want to learn languages.

Dr. Ishrath Naz Ara, having mastered a number of languages wanted to impart her knowledge to the aspiring students and thus show them a new kind of opportunity for a prospective career. It is this dream of hers that has impelled her to start a language teaching institution and thus was born Bright Training Centre, now a 20-year-old language teaching centre.

Dr. Ishrath Naz Ara is a Master of Arts graduate in English literature and also a post graduate in Political Science and Public Administration and has earned doctorate in Political Science and Public Administration. Besides teaching (IELTS), she has learned Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Swedish and Urdu over a period of time.

Now she is the C.E.O. of Bright Training Centre which has been doing a remarkable service of teaching various languages with the help of faculties in the respective sphere.

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